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Can I Scrap My Car Without Wheels

It’s not impossible to scrap your car without wheels but it can be more difficult. It will have an impact on the price of the car as it to have a complete vehicle you need 4 wheels, battery and calaytlic converter. Once you come to the conclusion - its time to scrap my car give Chelmsford Scrap a call and we can arrange a scrap car collection for you for your end-of-life vehicle. Without wheels, a scrap car is an absolute nightmare to try and move especially if is flush with the floor! The scrap car would be usually loaded via a winch and would roll up the truck nice and easy.

On the opposite if your vehicle doesn't have wheels then the weigh of it on top of no rotation of a wheel its not going be able to move. In this instance we at Chelmsford Scrap would use a specialized bit of equipment called a hiab. Which is a large truck with a crane mounted to the body. This enables us to hook onto the scrap car lifting it vertically without damaging the ground the vehicle is on, the raise it safely onto the truck with no headache.

What if I want to sell my aftermarket alloy wheels?

As we’ve just touched on, we’d generally strongly advise against taking any parts at all off your car, both because of the difficulties it can eventually pose when actually scrapping your car, as well as the impact it can have on the price you’ll get for it. Don’t forget, there’s no guarantee that the price you’ll get for these individual parts will outweigh the amount you’ll ultimately lose from the scrap car’s total value!

Damaged or Missing Tyres?

If your wheels are missing wheels or damaged its not a big issue although the main thing is that the car is in a state that allows it to be rolled onto a recovery truck. Without tyres it’s going to be noisier and more difficult, and could well damage your drive, but it can technically be done. Without wheels on the other hand, it’s impossible without the right equipment. So in a nutshell, missing or damaged tyres will have less of an impact on the price, but you should still probably expect a couple of quid to get knocked off for the extra difficulty.

If your car has all its wheels and tyres still intact though – or you’ve got the means to replace them – then you shouldn’t have anything to worry about. Moving them is the difficult part; it’s all plain sailing from there!

Here at Chelsmford Scrap offer a great scrap car collection service and can take your car regardless of its age or condition. We pay the best prices in the county of Essex and can collect same day.

Get in touch today by visiting us online or calling 07961914947 for your no obligation instant quote.

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