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How to Recycle Your Scrap Car

The day your vehicle reaches the end of its life, the most eco friendly way to dispose of it is to scrap it. If you are unaware of what scrap it means, it doesn't mean leaving to rot on a public road, leaving it on the drive at home to gather dust it or leaving it at the local dump. Scrapping a vehicle can be a very in-depth process which needs to only be undertaken by authorised treatment facilities, who adhere to very strict rules and regulations set out by the Enviorment Agency. When you sell your scrap car, it will be promptly collected by a driver and taken to an Authourised Treatment Facility (ATF), to be recycled.

All vehicles contain hazardous fluids and material which are harmful to our environment and contamination has to be contained in a safe and eco friendly environment such as an ATF. Wastage and pollution are cut down in great lengths with this process with new methods ensuring that 80% of the vehicle is completely recycled, so thus doing your part to help the enviroment. If you sell your car for scrap with Chelmsford Scrap all this is taken car for you.


An Autourised Treatment Facilities (ATF) have the departments and expert knowledge of how to recycle and dispose of a vehicle in the safest and correct manner. Their focus is as follows

  • Carefully storing and treating vehicles with no harm to the environment

  • Depollution - The removal and storage of the vehicles hazardous materials and fluids

  • Recycling and disposal


  1. The battery is removed from the vehicle, to be reused or recycled.

  2. The air bags are deployed safely without risk of exploding.

  3. The tyres are removed and inspected. If they are too worn to be reused, they will be shredded and mixed with asphalt to create road surfaces. Recycling tyres is compulsory as it’s illegal to throw them away on landfill sites.

  4. The depollution process can now take place: Hazardous fluids are drained out the vehicle using a depollution rig, then pumped into secure tanks with no risk of spillage, where they can be recycled or disposed of by other specialist treatment facilities.

  5. The vehicle can now be dismantled and recyclable parts such as plastic bumpers and dashboards and glass windscreens and headlights, removed and recycled.

  6. The vehicle will then be shredded into small parts. As it passes through the shredding machine, wind turbines and magnets are used to separate the different types of materials to be recycled.

Chelmsford Scrap is fully compliant with all regulations set out by the Environment Agency. For more information on our scrap car collection service, contact us today or visit our website.



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